Pizza Shop


20170324_180628Quattro, the Pizza Shop, is located right inside of our winery.  This pizza has taken years to perfect. Modeled after a local shop near our owner’s hometown in Western Pennsylvania, Quattros’ square-cut, Sicilian style pizza is what we love. owners-pizza

Our crust, light and airy with a crisp bottom is hand made, in house every day. We use only fresh crushed tomatoes for our sauce and our special blend of mozzarella, provolone, and pecorino romano cheeses top everything off.

Grandma’s ground pepperoni
Extra cheese – If you request it Beaver County style (cold cheese on top) we can do that also.
Hot pepper rings

Baguettes & Amish Cheeses


Pain l’ancienne
Baguettes baked fresh daily

Cheeses Local handmade farmstead, whole milk Goot Essa cheeses from Lancaster, PA.