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Wine Club

Become the 5th Goomba!

Ever since our first release, friends, family members, neighbors and wine lovers from all around the country have been a significant part of our wine family. They have offered help in all aspects of our business from label design to crushing grapes. We invite you who have been so much help and every one who enjoys Goomba wine to enjoy the benefits of the Goomba Wine Club!  The club is available to anyone interested in purchasing three or more bottles in our quarterly member distributions scheduled for around March, June, September and December.

So start a Tradition, share it with Friends, join our Family and Celebrate with member only savings!!

Quattro Goomba's Club members will be entitled to all of the following benefits:

  • Quarterly boxes of 3 bottles of wine = 1 case over the year
  • Enjoyment of special wines you can get nowhere else locally
  • Flexible option to customize wine selection in shipment
  • 15% off all wine purchases made at Quattro Goomba’s Winery
  • 20% off all wines by the case
  • Invitation to wine club member only events

(A minimum of three shipments of wine must be accepted prior to cancelation of membership)

To sign up, email: